an online workshop for creating and launching podcasts for activists

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Podcasting is already widespread in English-speaking markets but is just beginning to develop in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. So now is the perfect time to launch a successful podcast without much competition.

Podcasts are an effective way to inform and reach new audiences. They allow getting immersed in the story without distraction and keeping the listener's focus. This monopoly on attention is priceless in times of tough struggle of visual media for our interest and time.

People finish reading long texts less and less often, but a one-hour narrative podcast is quite convenient to listen to while washing dishes or on a road trip. This allows developing complex and multifaceted topics, which is especially important for activists, whose activities are not always understood by a wide audience. Podcasts give a unique opportunity to get right in the ear of their listeners, have a heart-to-heart, and allow them behind the scenes of their lives and work. At the end of this intensive workshop, you’ll have learned the full cycle of podcast production – from finding a unique idea and format to recording, editing, promoting, and attracting advertisers!





From May 24 to June 7

6 lectures, two Zoom parties, 5 homework, and a final assignment


NGOs, independent media, activists, creators, social entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, Central Asia and South Caucasus.


Workshop for those who don't have their podcast yet.


MAY 12 | 18:00

submission deadline, Kyiv time zone

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Kyrylo Beskorovayny

and Daria Kuziava 

Co-founders of Ukrainian popular science media Kunsht. Founders of podcasts: «Буде тобі наука» (Let it be science), «Пост правди» (Post of the truth), «Проєкт інтелект» (Project Intelligence)

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Dasha Cherkudinova

and Nastya Kurganskaya

Founders of podcasts «Норм» (Fine) and «Новое материнство» (New motherhood), co-founders of the production studio «Норм продакшн»

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Kristina Vazovsky

Founder of a podcast studio «Толк», creator of podcasts «Это провал» (This is a failure), «Кристина добрый день» (Christina good afternoon), «Извини, что голосовым» (Sorry that by voice message), «К тебе или ко мне?» (Your place or mine?) and many others 

~ 1,5 hours duration of lecture

~ 1 hour a day for doing homework

~ 4 hours for completing a final assignment

Lectures begin at 

11:00   Kyiv, Minsk, Kishinev, Moscow
12:00  Yerevan, Tbilisi, Baku
13:00  Dushanbe, Ashgabat, Tashkent
14:00  Nur-Sultan, Bishkek

1,5 часа длительность лекции

~1 час в день займет выполнение домашнего задания

~4 часа займет выполнение финального задания


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-Why make a podcast and how to find an idea


-Overview of the podcast industry and formats


-Fears, difficulties, and how to deal with them


-How to choose a title for a podcast


-How to invite and interview guests, how to prepare for a conversat


-Preparation for recording, technical points, how to record remotely


-Podcast storytelling


-Jingles and podcast music


-How to create your cover that you’ll not be ashamed of 


-Podcast editing


-Placing your podcast on Apple, Google, Yandex, and other platforms 


-Podcast promotion


-How to monetize a podcast: advertisers, donations, grants, and other channels



After participating in the workshop, you will leave with:


- The idea behind your podcast

- Title and cover

- The understanding the niches of your podcast and its target audience

- Themes of the first 4 episodes

- Trailer of podcast



How many people participate in the workshop?


The workshop is designed for 30 people.

How much does participation cost?

Participation is free, we select participants on a competitive basis.

What language will the training be in?


Lectures will be in Russian, feedback from mentors will be available in Russian or English


What will we need to do besides attending lectures?


After each lecture participants will complete practical group assignments in mentor groups and individual homework assignments.


Do we need any equipment?


To participate in the workshop you do not need any special equipment, only a phone, and computer.


Who will give feedback on our homework?


All participants will be divided into mini-groups of 6-8 people, each of which will be led by a professional mentor. The mentor will give feedback and comment on homework and the final assignment – the trailer for the podcast.


Can we skip?


Participants who miss more than one lecture or do not complete more than one homework will be dropped out of the course.

Will there be a prize for the best final projects?

After finishing the workshop, mentors will invite the creators of 4 of the brightest trailers for a month's online internship, the goal of which is to help create the first episode of the podcast.

Still have questions?

Email us at

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